“I have a passion for compassionate leadership and entrepreneurship. Through my own life experience I have learned that success in business is not only about how to make money: It’s about personal development, commitment to a dream, and the drive to make a difference for yourself and all the people in your life.

I believe that every business owner has phenomenal potential to grow and succeed. My passion is to work with entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals in a way that is sustainable for both them, their team and their families.”


Wendy uses her energy and passion for helping individuals and organizations of all sizes to tackle this complex problem with proven, effective plans and strategies. Wendy works with CEO`s, managers and supervisors  outlining the importance of taking care of employees well-being, she will work with you to help you develop new systems to nurture and enhance the mental wellness and happiness of employees, in the most cost effective way.

Wendy has extensive experience, both in facilitating corporate training programmes, and conducting one-on-one consultations in mental health and well-being. Using metholodgies such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), she pursues her goal of inspiring inner joy in all her clients, leading to happier, well-adjusted individuals and stronger, more productive organisations.


Drawing from personal experience, Wendy helps individuals to deal with and overcome the scars of childhood abuse, walking alongside the client and guiding them on their journey to self-healing. By helping them deal with their emotional wound and nurturing genuine self-love, they are set free from years, often decades of shame and hurt.



“There are moments in life that define us. How we choose to process and respond to them can determine who we are for the rest of our lives:

Choose Peace, Choose Positivity, Choose Forgiveness.”


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