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Whether you’re seeking strategic consulting, hands-on coaching, or a meticulously crafted business plan, I’m here to empower your growth. 

Let’s navigate the path to success together, turning challenges into opportunities and dreams into thriving enterprises. 

Your success is not just a goal; it’s a journey we embark on together.

Wendy Richards - BUSINESS COACHING For small businesses and healthcare practice owners

Take your business from
where it is now to
where you want it to be.

Isn’t it time for your business to
thrive and be more profitable?

Business Coaching & Consulting

You’re a business owner and you manage a small team. Your business isn’t as profitable as you’d like and you’re not sure why. You’re looking for help with keeping you and your team motivated and laser focused on building a successful business.

The business coaching programmes will put you back in line with your personal and business goals.  I’ll help you get back into the driving seat of your business. 

Business Plan

Empowering Your Vision – Professional Business Plan writing service Expert.
I believe that a well-crafted business plan is the compass that navigates your entrepreneurial journey towards success. I am dedicated to helping you articulate your vision, define your goals, and map out a strategic roadmap for your business.

This coaching programme will help you get excited and clear about your business and personal goals. You’ll uncover what’s holding you back and how to move forward.

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If you’ve been through a tough time or are facing challenges right now, you might be in need of some inspiration to help you through. You may need a gentle reminder that you aren’t alone and that everything can be overcome with determination.

Read “Her Mother’s Betrayal – A journey through horror to happiness.” It’s a story of unstoppable love, positivity and humour in the face of daunting obstacles and fears.

How my business coaching works

After the 45-minute discovery call and you decide that my business coaching is right for you, we’ll get to work. From the get go, I’ll look at your marketing plan, your systems and processes and gain a deep understanding of how you run your business.

Over the course of the sessions, I’ll help you set business and personal goals and help you clarify your vision. Together we’ll create a solid lead generation strategy so you don’t have to do that dreaded cold calling. I’ll shine a light on your personal and business blind spots and help you remove them so you can move towards your goals more quickly.

With my business coaching, we’ll set the best pricing structure for your business, motivate your team and everything you need to create a more profitable company.

Meet Wendy

International Certified Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author

Wendy’s unique journey in life and business has given her insights to help individuals and business owners crush self limiting beliefs to set them on a path to success.

Through her own personal experience, as well as personalised coaching methods, she provides unique and powerful solutions for personal and business growth.

Wendy is the author of A Mother’s Betrayal – A journey through horror to happiness.

Wendy Richards - BUSINESS COACHING For small businesses and healthcare practice owners


“There are moments in life that define us. How we choose to process and respond to them can determine who we are for the rest of our lives: Choose Peace, Choose Positivity, Choose Forgiveness.”
Wendy Richards
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