"change your mindset, change your life."

Mental Health and Wellbeing, Business Growth Specialist, Life Coach and Author.

Wendy specializes in inspiring people to overcome their perceived limitations and develop habits that empower them to accomplish their goals. Knowing that the key to the success of any organisation lies in the health and happiness of it`s staff, she focuses on enhancing mental wellbeing in the workplace. Through her own experience, as well as advanced coaching methodologies, she provides unique and potent solutions for personal growth, and maximized employee wellness and achievement. 

“I guarantee to inspire and influence individuals and teams, resulting in increased productivity, enhanced morale with maximized profits”.

mental health & wellbeing

Accelerate your success and overcome your challenges with Wendy`s expert help and guidance.

international motivational speaker

Inspire and motivate your audience with an authentic story of incredible courage and resilience.

Inspiring and uplifting author

Her Mother’s Betrayal – A Journey Through Horror To Happiness is a riveting and uplifting true story.

Her Mother’s Betrayal –

A Journey Through Horror To Happiness

This is the true story of how Wendy overcame a dysfunctional family, the nightmare of emotional and sexual abuse, loneliness and destructive relationships, to build the life of her dreams. It is a testament to the power of visualization and indomitable hope to conquer even the worst of circumstances. She proves that positive meaning can always be drawn from even the most soul-destroying experiences.