Her Mother’s Betrayal

A Journey Through Horror To Happiness

During the course of her neglected and abusive childhood, Wendy dreamed of a warm and bright haven of peace, far removed from her dreary, often painful surroundings. Even as she lived through the domestic violence and indifference of her parents and then fell victim to a sexual predator, she held onto her vision of happiness, love and fulfilment. Slowly, as she grew into womanhood, she set about turning her vision into reality.

Her Mother's Betrayal book by Wendy Richards
Her mother's betrayal by Wendy Richards

Choose Peace,
Choose Positivity,
Choose Forgiveness.

This is the true story of how Wendy overcame a dysfunctional family, the nightmare of emotional and sexual abuse, loneliness and destructive relationships, to build the life of her dreams. It is a testament to the power of visualisation and indomitable hope to conquer even the worst of circumstances. She proves that positive meaning can always be drawn from even the most soul-destroying experiences.

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