Wendy is a successful mental health and wellbeing consultant, business coach, life coach, author and motivational speaker. In 2003, she moved to South Africa in search of inner peace and happiness. In 2019, her 16 year African adventure came to an end and she returned to the UK to fulfill her vision of inspiring happiness and self-fulfillment in others. She specializes in mental health and wellness in the workplace and helping organizations and the individuals within them, to reach their goals. 

Having overcome enormous adversity in her own life, Wendy has made it her mission to help others heal their wounds, find inner peace and express their exhilaration for life whilst realizing their unlimited potential. Using her personal experience, she works to inspire happiness within, and to share the message that authentic internal peace and self-love are the only solutions to rising above the world`s challenges and creating the life we dream of.

“Every man, woman and child deserves to be treated with love, respect, honesty, dignity and compassion.
No one deserves to be abused and neglected.Speak up, break the silence and let’s stand together to support those that don’t yet have the strength to stand alone.”

Professional Achievements

  • Internationally Certified Business Coach
  • NQF4 Real Estate, South Africa
  • Addiction Therapy Diploma
  • Certified Lay Trauma Counsellor
  • Launched and sold two businesses
  • NLP Practitioner